Logan Brill “Scars”

This is such a beautiful song and she has a wonderful angelic voice! I just love her! You will too 🙂


“The Bees” Logan Brill

One of my new favorite songs!

Artist of the Week: LOGAN BRILL + Interview

The first time I got to meet Logan was just a few weeks ago at Golf and Guitars. I had heard her music before and have her first album downloaded on my phone and computer. I probably play her album more than anything else in my phone. Night one of Golf and Guitars was the singer/songwriter showcase so I finally got to hear her perform live and I’ll tell you, it blew my mind. Her voice is unlike many I have heard lately. I would say it reminds me most of Carrie Underwood because of how crystal clear and powerful she sounds. It is crazy how that big voice comes out of such a petite little lady. If you haven’t heard her music you are really missing out.


Not only does she have a wonderful sound, she is one of the sweetest, most down to earth country music artists I have gotten to meet. She was so approachable and easy going that it was very easy to strike up and conversation with her. I mentioned having a country music blog and wanting to interview her for it and without question she agreed to do it. The interview was very easy breezy and fun. You won’t be able to tell how fun she was because it was just a phone interview but the next one with her will be on skype so you can see for yourself how “normal” she really is.


I was actually nervous right before she called because I didn’t know what to expect out of her or how to start the interview. It came pretty naturally because of how friendly is. If you get a chance to go see her make sure you don’t think twice and just go to the show. You will not regret it! She will be back on the west coast for the Rhythm and Ribs Country Music Festival in Cottonwood, AZ Sept. 6th.

The interview could only be about 15 min because she was headed from rehearsal to a show. It is always so busy for these artists so I totally understood. I think I’ve said enough so here it is!


NCTCA: Are there any new projects you’re working on now or in the near future?

Logan: I am actually working on my second album. We have over 20 songs we are testing out right now to be on the album. I’m still holding out to see what the album will be. My first album really evolved throughout the whole pre-recording process and even in the studio. It’s always a surprise!


NCTCA: What is something in music you want to do but haven’t gotten to do yet?

Logan: I’m looking forward to headlining more shows but I’ve had a great couple years opening for a lot of artists I respect and I’ve learned a lot about how touring works.


NCTCA: When did you start singing/songwriting?

Logan: I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Music has always been a huge part of who I am. Songwriting came a little later for me. It wasn’t until I moved to Nashville and was surrounded by so many other musicians/songwriters that I started trying to write my own songs.


NCTCA: Who are your musical inspirations?

Logan: I have so many it would be hard to name them all…I’d say my first inspirations were the musicians my parents listened to when I was growing up. Jackson Browne, The Band, EmmyLou Harris, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, the list goes on and on. I also got really into Soul and Motown for a while. Ray Charles is one of my favorites. These days I’m inspired by newer artists like Holly Williams, Jason Isbell, and Dawes.


NCTCA: How long did it take you to write Scars? Did you write it alone or with others? Who?

Logan: I’d say it took a couple hours maybe. I wrote it with my friend Jordan Dean. He came in with the line “Love is a loaded gun” and we ran with it. It was one of those serendipitous moments where we were both saw the same vision for where the song could go and had the ideas to make it happen. 


NCTCA: Why is “The Bees” one of your new favorite songs in your live set?

Logan: “The bees” is a song by Natalie Hemby that I heard a few years ago and fell in love with. I added it to the set list when I was in Annapolis MD this past winter. We we’re staying at a friend’s house in town and there was a snowstorm outside. My band and I stayed up till3am drinking champagne and jamming by the fireplace and played the song for the first time all together. It was such a magical night we’ve put it in our set ever since. 


NCTCA: Which song do you enjoy performing most and why?

Logan: It really depends on my mood that day. If I am performing for an intimate crowd who is really listening, I love singing the ballads but I’m in a really fun mood I love performing songs like “Month of Bad Habits”


NCTCA: Why did you choose the charities of Colorado Children’s Hospital and Bryan Warnecke’s Pink Lightening bike team for Cystic Fibrosis to donate the 10,000 you won at Golf and Guitars? Did you have a connection with these charities before this event?

Logan: It was a 3 way tie with me, Brett and Thomas. The charity she chose was Cystic fibrosis because of her mom’s friend’s son. He has fought hard and had to deal with so much already at the age of 15 and still will do the bike race. I am pretty healthy most of the time and I don’t think I could do it. The bike race is a total of 1065 miles over 43 days. Here’s the link for more info if you want to check it out!


NCTCA: Will you be returning next year if you’re asked?

Logan: Yes! This was such a fun event I will definitely be coming back if I can!


NCTCA: Did you enjoy your time here? What did you do while you were here in Sacramento?

Logan: We walked around Old Sacramento and our limo driver took us on a tour of the neighborhoods around the river.



You all have to check Logan out ASAP! She’s just so incredible I can’t help but love her. Monday May 19th I fell in love with a new artist and I see her making it to the top. She, in my opinion, is the new voice of Country Music! Check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!



Golf and Guitar Pix 2014

Golf and Guitars Night 2

My favorite event of the year, here in Sacramento, is Golf and Guitars so of course I went to both nights of shows and the golf for charity part Tuesday morning as well. When you go and watch the artists play golf most of them are happy to take pictures and give autographs and sometimes even hang out with fans. It is a side of them you may not get to see if they were just playing a show. You can tell the artists are more comfortable and real in a setting like this with only a handful of fans around then when there are over 1000 people at a show. I got to meet and get pictures with the majority of the artists that day but a few really stuck out.


Stephen from Love and Theft was the first one I ran into. He was just about to give the radio station and interview and still agreed to take a picture with all three of us separately. Right after that we ran into Colton of The Swon Brothers. I came up to him with my baby girl, Ky, and he picked her up for the picture.


Of course he asked first but it was so sweet to have him be so comfortable about it. She doesn’t really let many people hold her but she didn’t cry or throw a fit about it. Her face shows that she was not really feeling it but I think she knew to just go with it as long as I was right there.


Ira Dean was next and he made a joke asking if she was his kid while we were walking up to him. He was probably the funniest artist we had seen that day. The last one we got to see before Ky had to go home for her nap was Eric Paslay.



He was super sweet but still seemed a bit new to meeting fans. He kind of seemed like he didn’t know why we would want a picture with him. It was cute.

Later I ran into Logan Brill who I actually got to talk to for a bit and she agreed to do an interview with me the next week. That girl has so much talent and charisma. It was a breath of fresh air to talk to her. You’ll see how sweet she is when we do our Skype interview next time or you get to meet her yourself. Other artists we got to see that day included Frankie Ballard, Chuck Wicks, Jon Stone of American Young, Johnny Bullford, Erin Enderlin, Craig Campbell, Jason Eady and Kelby Ray of The Cadillac Three. Seriously some of the nicest country artists I have ever met. There was one artist who I avoided after meeting him a couple years ago at G&G but I won’t name names. He was just very unfriendly and rude.

Logan Brill, Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett tied in the tournament so they all got money for each of their charities!


After the Golf Tournament the show started. The hosts Love and Theft and Chuck Wicks were hilarious. They kept the show moving while in between performers. Not a lot of people knew who The Cadillac Three or The Swon Brothers were but by the end of their sets they had everyone dancing and singing along. Everyone put on a great show and I can’t wait for next year! During the show some artists walked around and met fans so throughout the whole day you can really meet many country artists and get a feel of how normal they really are. The show was about 5 hours long but I believe everyone would have stayed a lot longer if there were more performers. Golf and Guitars really has a Country Music Festival feel to it and that is why I love it so much. 

If you get a chance to go next year, don’t think twice! Buy your tickets when they go on sale so you don’t miss out on all the fun. It will sell out pretty quickly. 


Golf and Guitars Night One 2014

What a show it was! Singer/Songwriter showcase night one and country stars night two couldn’t have put together a better show! 

The story of Nashville was told through all aspects of both shows. Night one of Golf and Guitars was the song writers showcase. It was a VIP and golfer only event so it made for a very intimate setting. The songwriters all came out during the sets to eat and mingle with their fans. That night held a true behind the music feel to it, with songwriters preforming hit songs we have all heard and unknown songs that I came to love after hearing. The artists referenced how it felt like being at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, a place I’d love to experience as soon as possible.



Each one of the writers brought something new and unique to the table. Round one included Matt Ramsey, Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen and the beautiful Logan Brill. Matt R, Matt J, and Trevor have all had hits on the country charts from artists like The Band Perry, Dustin Lynch, Keith Urban and many other popular artists. Logan may not have a hit yet but her talent is not lacking in anyway. She is a triple threat with her voice, song writing ability and her charm. Each song writer sang three songs and most I had heard before so singing along was something I couldn’t help. With Logan her unknown songs were refreshing and her voice was so crisp and clear, I found myself wrapped up in every word she sang including the all in french song she sang. It was beautiful and made me wish I spoke or at least understood the french language.



Round two combined talents Jason Eady, Erin Enderlin, Hannah Blaylock, Chris Roberts and Johnny Bulford. Each sang a song I had heard before but a few songs really stuck out to me. Johnny sang “A Woman Like You” which is a song preformed by Lee Brice and won Johnny a song writers award for it. Jason brought his wife Courtney Patton up for his last turn and sang “Man on a Mountain”. It was beautifully done and she had a wonderful voice. I questioned whether or not she may have done some singing on her own by how confident and poise she seemed while preforming. From what I could find she had not had any professional experience. Following that performance was Erin singing a Lee Ann Womack single titled “Last Call”. Hannah followed with an amazing song she had written about her friends relationship and the love they shared. “It is pure and inspiring” Blaylock said about those friends. The song “Soldiers Wife” was very touching and inspiring. She threw her heart and soul into singing this song and it showed through the entire performance. Chris Roberts then brought up good friend Ken Morton Jr. and Morton golf kids to perform “Strength Unknown to Man”. It was a song with alot of heart and the kids stole the show, each showing that the song has meaning to them the runs deep. 


The last round incorporated not only Ira Dean, Eric Paslay, Rhett Akins and son Thomas Rhett but also Dustin Lynch. Dustin was a surprise guest that night. He was set to perform on night two but always gives us a good show no matter if it’s planned or not. There was not one song sang during this round that I didn’t know and sing along to. Rhett helped Thomas with the chorus of most of his songs due to losing his voice throughout the night. Thomas is the one who gave up one of his turns for Dustin to perform his newest hit single “Where It’s At”. Other songs preformed by their song writers included “Get Me Some of That”, “Boy’s Round Here”, “Friday Night”, and “One in Every Crowd”. With each performance you could see how the artist/song writer connected to each lyric they sang. Thomas performed “Round Here”, a huge hit from Florida Georgia Line. His wife told him not to let this song go but he did and it landed those boys a number one hit. He didn’t seem to regret his decision though, he was happy to have it top the charts no matter who sang it. The night ended with Ira Dean performing the Montgomery Gentry single “I’ll Keep the Kids”. Before he began to sing he told a story of how his friends ex wife wrote a list of everything she wanted in the divorce. The list was endless and included everything except the couples children. It is pretty straight forward how they felt about the woman they wrote the song about. 


I enjoyed every bit of the night and hope next year will also have a singer/songwriter showcase. I can’t wait to see what next Golf and Guitars has in store for us!


Dustin Lynch – Artist of the Week


Dustin Lynch… What more needs to be said?

If you haven’t heard of him or his music you absolutely need to! Dustin Lynch is a country music singer-songwritter. He has written on many of my favorite tracks including “Thank A Farmer” preformed by James Wesley. 


Dustin moved to Nashville in 2003 to pursue his career choice of Country Music. After many years of working really hard, in late 2011 he was finally signed to Broken Bow Records and released his first single “Cowboys and Angels” in Jan. 2012. This song became a hit overnight. The song peaked at #2 on the US Country Charts. In May of 2012 Dustin played at local charity event Golf and Guitars. He rocked his set and left everyone wanting more. Most Country Music fans at the show had heard his hit single and loved it but after hearing the rest of his music, fans really fell in love! He took the time to meet each and every one of the fans who wanted to meet and get and autograph from him. It took coming out to the tent at least 5 times just so that every last fan could take a pic with him. He also met fans earlier that day while golfing for charity. He was humble and grateful to have them come to him and ask for photos. I have seen many artists interact with fans but he is one of the best, most kind, and down to earth. 


His first album was released Aug. 20, 2012. In early 2013 his second single “She Cranks My Tractor” became his second top 20 hit. Keith Urban added him to his “Light the Fuse 2013” Tour. 


In December 2013, Dustin appeared on the Red Carpet in Las Vegas, NV at the American Country Awards. I had the pleasure of interviewing him that day on the Red Carpet. He was still the same guy I met back at Golf and Guitars. Humble, kind and so grateful for what he has. I asked if he ever expected to be there at the ACA’s or where he is in country music and he straight up said NO, never. He never expected all of this to happen for him and I think that’s where he is different then most artists. 


Dustin’s third single “Wild in your Smile” made top 30 on the country music charts. His newest single “Where it’s at” Debuts at most added at Country Radio with 79 First Week stations. The first week his single was already in the top 50 on Billboard charts. 

Dustin Lynch – iHeartRadio On The Verge Artist