Multiple Myeloma Fundraiser with Damien Horne

20150131_225321This is my Grandma, Bonnie Wilfong. She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood and bone cancer, on her and my grandpa’s 50th anniversary, Aug 5th 2011. When they found out she had it her cancer counts were up in the 8,000’s. Last year they were below 1000 which was amazing but didn’t last long. The new Chemo she was put on, after the old one stopped working, was called Krypolis and 3% of people have a strong allergic reaction to it. She was of that 3%. It put her in the hospital with heart and lung failure. She is now on a new chemo called Bendamustine injection. It is working so far but it’s a stronger Chemo than she is used to so it makes her sick to her stomach and drops her white blood cell count quickly. That put her in the hospital again on Monday afternoon. She was released the next day after getting her WBC counts back up. The good news is, her cancer counts are dropping significantly! Thank God! multiple_myeloma_ribbon_tee

I put a fundraiser together for her benefit. It was very last minute, only had a few weeks to plan the entire event and get all the permissions we needed but we did it. I was surprisingly able to book a well known musician as well. It was partly his idea.54bc271d92cc0 (1)

This artist is not only talented but he is very special to me and now my entire family. When I thought of putting this event together, he was who I imagined playing for it. Damien Horne made our event even more exciting and meaningful. He was all in from the very beginning. We had talk about it before but could never pick a date that worked for everyone so when we finally were able to agree on a date it was just a few weeks out. The event didn’t raise the money we hoped it would but it did make a good dent in it. There will be more events to come for this cause and for my grandma.FOT4781 (1)

The entire day of the event was spent with my family. When it came time for the show to start everyone was there. My Uncle Johnnie, and future cousin-in-law Matt lent me their sound equipment for Damien to use. Uncle Johnnie set everything up for me because I had no idea how to use all of it and no idea what it took to have an acoustic show. I can’t even imagine if I would have tried to get the entire band involved for my first experience with organizing events on my own. He was originally going to run the sound equipment also then a god send came in to pull it all together. Dave Kirth did an amazing job with the sound that night. We had crossed paths before because of Damien Horne’s band “The Farm” but I had no idea he would be there also. I hope we can have him for the next, even bigger event. 20150131_205115


Needless to say, there are a few things I need to work out before the next one, but it turned out great! Damien sang his heart out for over two hours, talking and joking with everyone. He was able to get even the youngest kids interested in watching him perform. Not only did he give a wonderful performance, he made an effort to get to know my family and really talk to my grandma. He made a gigantic impact on each one of them, giving everyone a night to remember. I think it’s safe to say, they all love him as much as I do now! I can’t wait until next time and hope it’s sooner rather than later.

20150201_002736IMAG1584IMAG1585Make sure you all check out this special, talented, and caring musician on His WebsiteFacebook, TwitterSoundCloudYoutube and Instagram! Also, check out the band he’s in The Farm as well! You will love them! The Farm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website and Youtube!



Artist of the Week: LOGAN BRILL + Interview

The first time I got to meet Logan was just a few weeks ago at Golf and Guitars. I had heard her music before and have her first album downloaded on my phone and computer. I probably play her album more than anything else in my phone. Night one of Golf and Guitars was the singer/songwriter showcase so I finally got to hear her perform live and I’ll tell you, it blew my mind. Her voice is unlike many I have heard lately. I would say it reminds me most of Carrie Underwood because of how crystal clear and powerful she sounds. It is crazy how that big voice comes out of such a petite little lady. If you haven’t heard her music you are really missing out.


Not only does she have a wonderful sound, she is one of the sweetest, most down to earth country music artists I have gotten to meet. She was so approachable and easy going that it was very easy to strike up and conversation with her. I mentioned having a country music blog and wanting to interview her for it and without question she agreed to do it. The interview was very easy breezy and fun. You won’t be able to tell how fun she was because it was just a phone interview but the next one with her will be on skype so you can see for yourself how “normal” she really is.


I was actually nervous right before she called because I didn’t know what to expect out of her or how to start the interview. It came pretty naturally because of how friendly is. If you get a chance to go see her make sure you don’t think twice and just go to the show. You will not regret it! She will be back on the west coast for the Rhythm and Ribs Country Music Festival in Cottonwood, AZ Sept. 6th.

The interview could only be about 15 min because she was headed from rehearsal to a show. It is always so busy for these artists so I totally understood. I think I’ve said enough so here it is!


NCTCA: Are there any new projects you’re working on now or in the near future?

Logan: I am actually working on my second album. We have over 20 songs we are testing out right now to be on the album. I’m still holding out to see what the album will be. My first album really evolved throughout the whole pre-recording process and even in the studio. It’s always a surprise!


NCTCA: What is something in music you want to do but haven’t gotten to do yet?

Logan: I’m looking forward to headlining more shows but I’ve had a great couple years opening for a lot of artists I respect and I’ve learned a lot about how touring works.


NCTCA: When did you start singing/songwriting?

Logan: I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Music has always been a huge part of who I am. Songwriting came a little later for me. It wasn’t until I moved to Nashville and was surrounded by so many other musicians/songwriters that I started trying to write my own songs.


NCTCA: Who are your musical inspirations?

Logan: I have so many it would be hard to name them all…I’d say my first inspirations were the musicians my parents listened to when I was growing up. Jackson Browne, The Band, EmmyLou Harris, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, the list goes on and on. I also got really into Soul and Motown for a while. Ray Charles is one of my favorites. These days I’m inspired by newer artists like Holly Williams, Jason Isbell, and Dawes.


NCTCA: How long did it take you to write Scars? Did you write it alone or with others? Who?

Logan: I’d say it took a couple hours maybe. I wrote it with my friend Jordan Dean. He came in with the line “Love is a loaded gun” and we ran with it. It was one of those serendipitous moments where we were both saw the same vision for where the song could go and had the ideas to make it happen. 


NCTCA: Why is “The Bees” one of your new favorite songs in your live set?

Logan: “The bees” is a song by Natalie Hemby that I heard a few years ago and fell in love with. I added it to the set list when I was in Annapolis MD this past winter. We we’re staying at a friend’s house in town and there was a snowstorm outside. My band and I stayed up till3am drinking champagne and jamming by the fireplace and played the song for the first time all together. It was such a magical night we’ve put it in our set ever since. 


NCTCA: Which song do you enjoy performing most and why?

Logan: It really depends on my mood that day. If I am performing for an intimate crowd who is really listening, I love singing the ballads but I’m in a really fun mood I love performing songs like “Month of Bad Habits”


NCTCA: Why did you choose the charities of Colorado Children’s Hospital and Bryan Warnecke’s Pink Lightening bike team for Cystic Fibrosis to donate the 10,000 you won at Golf and Guitars? Did you have a connection with these charities before this event?

Logan: It was a 3 way tie with me, Brett and Thomas. The charity she chose was Cystic fibrosis because of her mom’s friend’s son. He has fought hard and had to deal with so much already at the age of 15 and still will do the bike race. I am pretty healthy most of the time and I don’t think I could do it. The bike race is a total of 1065 miles over 43 days. Here’s the link for more info if you want to check it out!


NCTCA: Will you be returning next year if you’re asked?

Logan: Yes! This was such a fun event I will definitely be coming back if I can!


NCTCA: Did you enjoy your time here? What did you do while you were here in Sacramento?

Logan: We walked around Old Sacramento and our limo driver took us on a tour of the neighborhoods around the river.



You all have to check Logan out ASAP! She’s just so incredible I can’t help but love her. Monday May 19th I fell in love with a new artist and I see her making it to the top. She, in my opinion, is the new voice of Country Music! Check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!