Multiple Myeloma Fundraiser with Damien Horne

20150131_225321This is my Grandma, Bonnie Wilfong. She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood and bone cancer, on her and my grandpa’s 50th anniversary, Aug 5th 2011. When they found out she had it her cancer counts were up in the 8,000’s. Last year they were below 1000 which was amazing but didn’t last long. The new Chemo she was put on, after the old one stopped working, was called Krypolis and 3% of people have a strong allergic reaction to it. She was of that 3%. It put her in the hospital with heart and lung failure. She is now on a new chemo called Bendamustine injection. It is working so far but it’s a stronger Chemo than she is used to so it makes her sick to her stomach and drops her white blood cell count quickly. That put her in the hospital again on Monday afternoon. She was released the next day after getting her WBC counts back up. The good news is, her cancer counts are dropping significantly! Thank God! multiple_myeloma_ribbon_tee

I put a fundraiser together for her benefit. It was very last minute, only had a few weeks to plan the entire event and get all the permissions we needed but we did it. I was surprisingly able to book a well known musician as well. It was partly his idea.54bc271d92cc0 (1)

This artist is not only talented but he is very special to me and now my entire family. When I thought of putting this event together, he was who I imagined playing for it. Damien Horne made our event even more exciting and meaningful. He was all in from the very beginning. We had talk about it before but could never pick a date that worked for everyone so when we finally were able to agree on a date it was just a few weeks out. The event didn’t raise the money we hoped it would but it did make a good dent in it. There will be more events to come for this cause and for my grandma.FOT4781 (1)

The entire day of the event was spent with my family. When it came time for the show to start everyone was there. My Uncle Johnnie, and future cousin-in-law Matt lent me their sound equipment for Damien to use. Uncle Johnnie set everything up for me because I had no idea how to use all of it and no idea what it took to have an acoustic show. I can’t even imagine if I would have tried to get the entire band involved for my first experience with organizing events on my own. He was originally going to run the sound equipment also then a god send came in to pull it all together. Dave Kirth did an amazing job with the sound that night. We had crossed paths before because of Damien Horne’s band “The Farm” but I had no idea he would be there also. I hope we can have him for the next, even bigger event. 20150131_205115


Needless to say, there are a few things I need to work out before the next one, but it turned out great! Damien sang his heart out for over two hours, talking and joking with everyone. He was able to get even the youngest kids interested in watching him perform. Not only did he give a wonderful performance, he made an effort to get to know my family and really talk to my grandma. He made a gigantic impact on each one of them, giving everyone a night to remember. I think it’s safe to say, they all love him as much as I do now! I can’t wait until next time and hope it’s sooner rather than later.

20150201_002736IMAG1584IMAG1585Make sure you all check out this special, talented, and caring musician on His WebsiteFacebook, TwitterSoundCloudYoutube and Instagram! Also, check out the band he’s in The Farm as well! You will love them! The Farm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website and Youtube!



The Farm Inc Album Review + Tattoo

The Farm Inc

The Farm is very unique in the way they came together. A lot of bands are put together but The Farm found each other. Damien Horne, Krista Marie and Nick Hoffman wrote their first single and top 20 hit ‘Home Sweet Home’ in a writing session with Danny Myrick on a lake in Nashville, TN and came together as a band at that moment. Krista and Damien brought their guitars while Nick brought a fiddle and the rest was history, they say. The second single ‘Be Grateful’ will hit home for just about everyone. It reminds us that we all have problems but someone out there has it worse than you.

“Every time you think you’ve got it bad, you can find someone who’s got it worse…… We complain about how much it’s gonna cost us to fill our 20 somethin’ thousand dollar cars, living in the land of milk and honey, it’s so easy to forget how lucky we are.”


The first 3 tracks of the album ‘Farm Party’ ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Sweet Sweet Sunshine’ are fun, upbeat dance songs with heavy fiddle from Nick Hoffman. Slower tracks on the album include ‘Be Grateful’, ‘Nowhere Road’, ‘That 100 Miles’, and ‘Every Time I Fall in Love’ which showcases the amazing vocals of the entire band. ‘Nowhere Road’ has an R&B vibe that just feels right for Damien’s smooth, soulful voice while ‘That 100 Miles’ is perfect for Nick’s rough and gritty tone. Krista’s range and beautiful voice really rounds out the sound of the band. Her solo song on the album ‘Every Time I Fall in Love’ is well written by Sarah Buxton and tells a story of a girl breaking all her relationship rules when she falls in love.

The other great tracks on the album include ‘That Train I’m On’, ‘Walkin’, ‘Little Boat’ and ‘Fresh of the Farm’. Each has a very unique, organic sound that no other band could convey as well. The whole album is filled with very fun, genuine, story-telling songs that should be heard by any country music lover. I’d give this album 5 stars.

These songs are even better when performed live so if you get a chance to see them, take that chance. You won’t regret it!

Ain’t no party like a FARM PARTY

The Farm never disappoints at their shows. An example of that was Orangevale’s Country Music Festival on September 30, 2012. Fans showed up mainly for Chris Cagle, as he was headlining the event but it seemed the crowd went crazy for The Farm. All the artists did meet and greets with everyone who stood in line but the line was the longest for The Farm.

Many people who showed for the concert had little interest in them until they got on stage. Seeing how they interacted with their fans even on stage, they made a great impression on everyone. They had every person on their feet, singing along, hanging on every note. I was one of those people as well.

If you ask me, they are one the best bands out there but don’t have a lot of publicity to attract the amount of fans they need to get to the next level. I absolutely love them and know most people will. They are so talented and with all different backgrounds, they compliment each other very well.

Go take a listen and watch their “Home Sweet Home” video.

They also have a newer single out titled “Be Grateful”. With their Random Acts of Gratefulness, they have made the song a movement. The members of The Farm have been buying/donating groceries and gas, and paying rent for those who need it as well as so many other wonderful things. Here is a link to one of the videos from the movement.

They are definitely artists to watch!